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Access to Austria.Legalize.eu
(members area, comments etc)
Newsletters and RSS-Feeds
Your Logo at Austria.Legalize.eu
dsiplayed at Flyers, Posters,
Social Media Networks
Your Logo in dominant size at
BlunTV and Social Network Media
Postal delivery of Legal Material,
such as flyers, posters
the Legal Surprise Package with
nice articles like caps, t-shirts etc
for you and your employees
Your Logo at public presentations
at posters, fanshop products etc
one episode of BlunTV, sponsored,
produced for and dedicated to your
Your Logo at Legalize.eu homepage
(money goes to the Legal european fond)
+ 250 €+ 350 €+ 500 €+ 750 €
- Advertising costs per year  250 €  500 €  1.000 €  1.500 €
inkl. Logo at Legalize.eu
mainpage per year
= 500 €= 850 €= 1.500 €= 2.250 €

We also offer all supporters to make separate agreements after consultation with us. We offer special packages to presented, your Company sponsored "only" by you! When we perform actions / projects such as the hemp hiking or flash smoke, our supporters will automatically mentioned.

* We reserve the these listings is subject to updates and can be changed.