The Coffeesnifers in Wien bei der UNODC

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Wir trafen uns um 8.00 Uhr vor dem Eingang des Vienna International Centers, Es waren Aktivisten aus Österreich. Tschechische Republik , Italien, Niederlande, Frankreich, Spanien, Slovenien, Irland and Belgien vor Ort. Als Aktion wurde von Encod "The Coffeesmeller" auserkoren. Da im Jahre 1777 auch Kaffee verboten war, Die Kaffeeriecher standen in historischen Uniformen und schnüffelten bei den vorbeikommenden. Wir verteilten Flyer und klärten auch Leute auf die Frgen zu diesem Schauspiel hatten, Weiters waren wir ausgerüstet mit Hanfstecklingen die wir unter lauten "legalize" und "stop the War on Drugs" Rufen in die Höhe hielten.Die Aktion kam bei den meisten sehr gut an und Delegierte aus den Länder streckten den Daumen in die Höhe.

Coffeesniffers Activists

Anfangs gab es Probleme mit den Securityleuten, die uns daran hindern wollten unsere Aktion durchzuführen,außerdem gab es Probleme beim Einlaß.

Das original Statement von Joep Oomen

"When I went in at 11 am, I was picked out by security personnell who told me I would be body searched. I asked why I was picked out and they responded that was because I had participated in the demonstration. I responded that in a European context, it is your human right not to be body searched without a legitimate reason, and asked them for the protocol. Then the superviser came, shouted : you are going out now!, took my rucksack and my coat and threw them out on the street before the building. The agent who stood beside me recommended me to follow my rucksack, I did but I stopped three meters before the exit door, and said I did not want to leave without a reason. Then about 10 UN security officers showed up and said they would throw me out, if I did not go myself. I then fell on the ground and said they should throw me out if they wanted to.

Then supervisor 2 came and told the security officers to hold a distance, talked normally to me and said that all NGO delegates could be body searched, that only staff workers and governmental delegates have the right not to be body searched. I said I accepted that explanataion and under those conditions I would be body searched. But in the mean time supervisor 3 and 4 had arrived and they had to calm down supervisor 1 who had become red in the meantime. Also the Austrian police had shown up outside the door, with another 5 officers.

Then some US activists came in and I quickly told them what happened to me. Supervisor 3 then intervened immediately telling me to stop talking otherwise i would be thrown out in 2 seconds because I had violated the code of conduct for NGOs by creating an incident (3 meters before the exit door surrounded by 10 security officers). Finally, after 10 minutes, supervisor 4 explained me that I had the right to come in the building, but not today as the situation had become stressful as a result of my behaviour, but that I could come back tomorrow and enter the building if i obeyed to the rules. I thanked them for this occasion to enjoy the sun in Vienna and said I would be back tomorrow, because at 10.30 I need to make a speech at the plenary meeting."

For your information: I am 1.86 tall and am not a muscle man..


Statement von Doug Fine



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