Who is behind the european campaign “Legal“?
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Who is behind
the european campaign “Legal“?

The campaingn “Legal“ has been initiated by the creative and cultural assoziation
“Legal-Europe“ (formerly ISI-Europe) and is accompanied and promoted by BlunTV.

 „Legal-Europe“ is aming at a liberal and natural target.

That means the main goal of “Legal-Europe“ is that people who consume cannabis (for whatever reason), don´t have to live in constant fear of beeing harressed, persecuted and wrongly convicted.
Moreover “Legal-Europe“ wants to sharpen people´s awareness in terms of self-determination, personal resbonsibility and  freedom of utilizing the products of nature – especially herbs.

Gererally is to say that the campaign includes two parts

• The Network
• The Campaign

The Network

The aim of the network is to provide an internet-page which is easily to access and also search engine friendly.

The european network can be visited on www.legalize.eu or www.Legalisieren.eu

There, the consumers from many countries, have instant access to a website of their country (e.g. for Austria “Austria.Legalize.eu“, for Germany “Germany.Legilize.eu“), and consequentely are able to find further assistance, associations and campaigns regarding the issue hemp.

Above all, the countries` administrators have the possibility for an international exchange and can develop common plans.  

Even european news and events are displayed on the website.

Furthermore this platform provides informations about other assoziations, groups and sponsors.

The european Campaign

“Legal-Europe“ started the campaign “Legal“ in 2012.

The Slogans: The slogans of the campaign are “We are decision-makers“ and “We are legally“.

The documentary report:

One part of the campaign “Legal“ is a documentary report on hemp/cannabis.

Within approximately 60 minutes it provides informations on the issue mentioned above. Moreover celebretis, who support the idea of the legalisation of cannabis for adults, state their point of view. But also peolpe, interviewed on the street, politicans and physicians  declare their valued opinion.

Furthermore the documentary report points out the benefits of hemp and cannabis for the industry, the environment and the medicine.

It should promote the understanding and the need for the legalisation of cannabis in Europe.

The documentary report is in German, but is also aquipped with subtitles in English, French and Spanish.

The Petition

The petition is based on a servey. (November online)

The survey wants to find out more about people´s experience with and attitudes towards tobacco, alcohol and cannabis.
Additionally, we would like to get to know more about the population´s attitudes towards the dangers of these substances, without relying on outdated statistics.
The results of this survey: A detailed analysis will be presented and published after having interviewed at least 4.000 people. The results of this survey and an appropriate petition, regarding the legalisation of cannabis, will be handed over to the European Parliament in Brussels.

The Target-Group

People from all European countries, all walks of life and age groups are addressed by the campaign and the network. Because we  aim for one goal –the legalisation of cannabis for adults in Europe.

“Legal-Europe“ uses  social networks, video sharing sites, websites, television as well as personell meetings and events in order to promote the project.

More Informations or Sponsorsquestions:

*If you like to support your country in terms of legalistion of cannabis, or if you like some further information about the project, please do not hesitate an contact “Legal-Europe“.